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Gus - I am Hopeful

Meet Gus who has been involved in the Belfast Works Connect programme for 10 months.

Gus: Manufacturing Leader & Steward

With a background in manufacturing and the shop floor, Gus spent 18 years working in Ross’s Mill.  He clearly knows his way around people and getting the right solutions – through his career he helped colleagues through his role as a Union shop steward.

Caring People Advocate

Meeting Gus it is instantly apparent that he really cares about people and is very focused on helping people which is evident by his engagement with us here on the Belfast Works Connect Programme.

Community Based Navigator

Through the programme, working with his personal community-based navigator Annette, Gus is re-engaging with his community through retraining. Gus has already completed his level one food hygiene certificate and is currently undertaking level two, and volunteering at the local community centre, helping in the kitchen with food preparation and cooking meals daily for up to 40 local residents in the area.  He is a genius in the kitchen and knows how to whip up a storm be it a desert made from biscuits and cream (add a bit of syrup and bananas), to a lovely fresh pot of leek and potato soup. He knows his way around ingredients and isn’t afraid to try new things which is quite heartening given that a key focus of the programme is to encourage people to try new things.

Doing The Best He Can

In his own words Gus throws himself into life, and has a genuine, empathy and care for ‘doing the best he can’ and ‘trying every day’ and ‘hopefully that’s enough for him’

Better Days Ahead

Gus would say he is happier now and he is hopeful for more better days as a result of his work and wants to get work in a kitchen setting within the community as a result of participating in Belfast Works Connect Programme.

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