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Tina - I am Stronger

Tina is an absolute lady and is full off fun and is such a bubbly friendly person when you meet her. Tina had spent many years of her life working in a professional environment, and sadly during her career Tina was subjected to bullying in the workplace which led to her leave her job and try to care for herself, as this really knocked her confidence and self esteem. 

Carer For Parents

At this same time Tina stepped into the role of carer for her parents. She spent a number of years looking after her father and mother as their primary carer, so never really had any time for herself, between the work challenges and balancing a caring role within the family. 

Purpose To Life

Engaging with Belfast Works Connect programme has helped bring some purpose back into life for Tina and she has made some lovely new friends. The programme has helped Tina to build her confidence skills and self esteem, and allowed her to consider training courses to get back into work environment, even on a part time basis.

Training And Support

Tina has been a really active participant in the programme and is taking all the training and support she can get in order to do more for herself. It is clear that Tina has spent many years giving to others and now this is her time to do more for herself. It is exciting for Tina to think about what opportunities are now presented to her.  As a result of participating in the programme Tina now feels more confident and more upbeat about the future and what it holds in terms of going back to a work environment of her choosing and doing more things for herself, as well as building on her new friendships.

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