Our BIAB Nail Course offers the expertise to create flawless nails.

BIAB Nail Course Overview

Nail Perfection with Dainty Doll and Belfast Works Connect

Our BIAB Nail Course offers the expertise to create flawless nails. Join Dainty Doll and master the art of Builder in a Bottle (BIAB) nails, elevating your nail game to the next level.

BIAB Nail Course Duration

4 weeks

Training Provider:

Dainty Doll

BIAB Nail Course Content

  • BIAB application techniques
  • Nail shaping and maintenance
  • Troubleshooting common issues

Who Can Attend:

  • Open to all skill levels

Progression Opportunities:

  • Specialise Your Skills
  • Fine-tune your abilities

Following the BIAB Nail Course, consider expanding your repertoire with advanced nail techniques like gel extensions, nail artistry, or nail technician specialisations.

Further training can lead to accreditation in specific nail enhancement methods.

Employability Skills:

  • Strengthen Your Portfolio
  • Master the art of Builder in a Bottle (BIAB) nails to enhance your professional profile. Demonstrate proficiency in nail enhancement techniques, appealing to clients seeking durable and natural-looking nail enhancements.

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