Car Detailing

Revive Your Passion with Polished and Waxed Car Detailing

Car Detailing Course Overview

Revive Your Passion with Polished and Waxed Car Detailing

Just as Mental Health First Aid offers support, our Car Detailing Course provides the skills to restore vehicles to their former glory. Join us and master the art of car detailing, turning your passion into a lucrative profession.

Car Detailing Course Duration

3 Days

Training Provider:

Polished and Waxed

Car Detailing Course Content

  • Exterior and interior detailing techniques
  • Paint correction and protection
  • Business essentials for car detailing

Progression Opportunities:

Polish Your Skills, Shine Brighter

Master the art of car detailing and unlock opportunities in the automotive industry. Progress to advanced detailing techniques, expand your services to include paint correction or ceramic coatings, or establish your own successful detailing business.

Employability Skills:

Drive Your Success

Acquire expertise in vehicle aesthetics, paint care, and customer service.

 As a certified car detailer, you’ll cater to car enthusiasts, luxury car owners, and businesses seeking professional vehicle care.

Drive your success forward and stand out in a competitive market.

Ignite Your Career in Car Detailing! Limited Spaces Available.

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