IFA Coaching Certificate

Get a greater understanding of the role as a Coach and the impact it can have on the development of Grassroots Football

IFA Coaching Certificate Course Overview

The course contains both theoretical and practical content, which includes 24 hours of guided learning with a tutor. Candidates are required to attend an online meeting as well as two practical days Additional time is also required completing the online tasks and uploading work to the coaching platform whilst away from the course.

IFA Coaching Certificate Course Duration

Some courses may take place over three practical days, rather than one online meeting and two practical days

Training Provider:


IFA Coaching Certificate Course Content

  • Creating a Healthy Football Environment
  • Coach Development
  • Player Development
  • Session Planning
  • Technical Coaching Practices
  • Game Understanding
  • Safeguarding Children and Young People
  • Basic Nutrition for Football
  • Basic First Aid for Football

Progression Opportunities:

The National Coaching Certificate is designed to give coaches:

A greater understanding of their role as a Coach and the impact it can have on the development of Grassroots Football

A specific knowledge around the development of players at all ages within Grassroots Football


Develop coaches ability to plan, organise, deliver & reflect upon appropriate coaching sessions

The Irish FA National Coaching Certificate Courses may be tailored to look at catering for the specific needs and requirements of Youth, Adult and/or Female players.

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