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Barista Training Course Overview

This comprehensive 4-week Barista training course covers the fundamentals of coffee preparation, the art of espresso extraction, latte art, and more. It’s designed to equip you with the skills and knowledge required to deliver exceptional coffee experiences.

Barista Training Duration

The course will run over 4 weeks, with one 3 hour session per week.

Training Provider:

Chat & Chill Café, Lisburn

Barista Training Course Content

Week 1 – Coffee Fundamentals:

  • Discover the origin and history of coffee.
  • Dive into the beans: types, roasts, and grinds.
  • Master the art of grinding and brewing.

Week 2 – The Art of Espresso:

  • Demystify the espresso machine.Learn the perfect shot extraction.
  • Explore the secrets of espresso blending.

Week 3 – Latte Art Masterclass:

  • Create stunning designs with milk froth.

Week 4 – Crafting Exceptional Coffee Experiences:

  • Understand the psychology of coffee.
  • Offer exceptional customer service.
  • Get hands-on in the coffee shop with the experts.


This course is suitable for beginners or those wishing to develop their existing skills.

Progression Opportunities

This course will give you the knowledge to enter the hospitality industry. You could work in café’s, coffee huts, drive-throughs and coffee shops.

Employability Skills

  • Coffee making skills
  • Customer service
  • Hospitality experience
  • Food hygiene experience

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